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Importing and Registering a Foreign Vehicle

Importing and Registering a Foreign Vehicle

Importing a car from abroad? Find out how to register it with the authorities in Cyprus…

The importing of a vehicle to Cyprus falls into four broad categories that may overlap:

  • Temporary importation. Usually applies to visitors to Cyprus
  • Long-term importation. Usually applies to new residents. Only long-term imports must be registered in Cyprus
  • Duty paid
  • Duty free. Applies only under certain conditions

The Customs and Excise Department website has more information, in English, on how to bring a car to Cyprus either from an EU country or a non-EU country for long-term or temporary use:

  • Importing a private car to the Republic of Cyprus

Importing a Classic Car

Procedures are different for long-term importation of classic automobiles to Cyprus.

  • Details from the Ministry of Finance website on importing a classic car to Cyprus.

Source angloinfo.com